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Uri Sanhedrai, MA, RCC
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My practice is guided by the conviction, that our genetic make-up and the circumstances into which we were born, provide us with limits and with possibilities and that the choice of how to live our lives within that range, is largely up to us.

I also share the notion that every one of us is born equipped with an innate striving urge to become and to overcome, as well as with the creative ability to figure out how to aim our urge in that direction.

With our creative force behind our striving urge we are able to create and re-create ourselves; to change, to adjust and to face life’s challenges.

Indeed, determining what our right direction is can be a challenging endeavour and not everyone can do it alone.

Practice Information


Helping adults facing unresolved early life events & trauma; difficult aging and subsequent inter-generational family issues; adoption related issues and identity concerns.

Primary Areas of Practice:

Identity & Personality Issues, Aging & Aging-Related Intergenerational Family Issues, Turning Points & Transitions, Interpersonal Communication Issues, Men’s Issues. Parenthood & Parenting Issues, Self Esteem, Anxiety & Panic, Fear & Phobias, Depression, Trauma & Trauma Recovery, Abuse, Guilt and Shame, Anger & Aggression, Loss & Grief, Creativity & Spirituality, Personal Growth & Mental Fitness, Organization & Brand Identity (Building & Revitalizing).

Persons Served

Adults, Young Seniors Over 55, Older and Frail Persons, Holocaust Survivors,
Midlife Children of Aging Parents, Caregivers, Adopted Persons, Adoptive Parents,
Birthgivers, Organizational Leaders.

Therapeutic Approaches (Short & Long Term Therapy)

Adlerian Holistic Counselling & Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Person Centred Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Art Therapy.

Professional Collaboration

Where appropriate, I work in collaboration with relevant supporting physical & mental health professionals as well as alternative therapists and well-being specialists, to ensure the best care possible for his clients. Such collaboration is strictly subject to client/therapy confidentiality and to the client’s approval.

Communities Served

The practice is located in North Vancouver, serving the North Shore, Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

House calls

House calls can be arranged for individuals with limited mobility at their location.

Art Therapy

Expressive art therapy sessions for senior’s groups are offered to long-term care facilities and senior centres at their sites. Utilizing art therapy as an assessment, therapeutic and crisis intervention tool, I also offer support and collaboration on a “piece-by-piece” basis to professional colleagues.