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Helping Transform Self-defeating Identity and Personality Traits

What is identity?

Identity can be defined as “the internal subjective concept of oneself as an individual in the context of her/his social environment."

We all have our typical ways of thinking, feeling, acting, and relating to the world, which make up our unique personality or identity.

Our identity (often referred to as personality or character) is influenced by our subjective perception of our genetic make-up and the social environment into which we were born. It includes our physical appearance, temperament, beliefs, ideals, goals… all affecting our attitudes (thinking, feelings, behaviours and view of the world) and in turn the state of our mental & physical health and well being.

Who are the people I see?

- Persons who are suffering from low self-esteem
- Persons under stress who have temporarily lost sight of who they are.
- Persons whose sense of who they are is frequently changes - depending on the situation they are in.
- Persons who make a large number of rather extreme life changes and do not have a clear sense of who they are or where they are headed in life.
- Persons experiencing difficulties adjusting to changes in their circumstances.
- Persons who often experience uncomfortable feeling of emptiness - as if there Is something missing… like a big void that needs to be filled.
- Adopted persons who have no knowledge of their origin and are grappling with the question, ”Who am I?”
- Persons of minority cultures who are facing difficulties in their social adjustment.
- Business leaders whose personal traits unfavourly impact the identity and culture of the organization or brand they lead, and/or their personal lives.

What are the concerns associated with dysfunctional Identity?

An absent of a clear self identity, and a discrepancy between one’s concept of who s/he is in the world and who s/he should be, personality disorders combined with unfavourable circumstances can bring about distressing feelings, disorders and impairment of life’s normal functioning (at work, intimacy, family relations, social interaction, spirituality, and self care). Unattended, such stressors can negatively affect mental and physical health.

What do I do to help?

I help individuals who are feeling “lost” or who are grappling with self-defeating identity traits re-discover their selves and modify underlying distorted perceptions about who they are and what they should be, thus, redefine themselves in a more adaptive and useful way.

By gaining better understanding of themselves, suffering persons are better able to optimize their creative problem-solving ability, cope, gain more control of difficult situations and successfully meet challenges in other areas of their lives.