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…Uri Sanhedrai holds an M.A. in Counselling Psychology & Art Therapy and was transitioning from a lifelong career in Branding into a second (new) career as a psychotherapist.  In his first career as a Brand-Building (Reputation Building) Strategist & Designer, Uri helped national and international organizations identify and develop their Brand Identity & Implementation Programs to enhance relationships and loyalties amongst their audiences. These programs included numerous publications (some of which won awards), such as newsletters, corporate brochures, annual reports, and corporate identity manuals designed to ensure readability and uniformity of corporate publication programs. Uri has transferred his skills and experience in brand identity building into his work as a psychotherapist, where he now helps individuals find and understand their own identity to enhance healthy and functional relationship with their self and with others.

With an understanding of both fields, Uri believes that the development of a Brand Identity should be driven not by business experts, but rather by people whose background and expertise are in the Humanities and Relationship Building… and who better can build a truly strong brand for our Association than our members!...

…On a late fall day in 2005 we met Uri Sanhedrai, who gave us a “quick and dirty” education about “branding”. The IPT, in turn, provided Uri with a snapshot of our Association that would serve as the basis for him to conceptualize a brand for BCACC (and RCC).

Uri presented his branding concepts to our Delegate Council in March 2006. The council stood in awe at the flow and vitality of the designs presented, and recommended adoption to our Board of Directors. The board heartily approved the recommended designs, that established branding for both “BCACC” and “RCC”….

Dr. Jim Browne – Executive Director
B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors
“Insights” Magazine – Volume 18 #2


The residents of Louis Brier who participate in the Expressive Art group (I myself am one of them), look forward to Wednesday.  What makes this group so interesting is our facilitator, Uri Sanhedrai, M.A., our counsellor and art therapist. Uri, as he wishes to be addressed, was born and raised in Israel and is very familiar with Jewish traditions and culture.  He is talented, inspiring and warm.

The objectives of these sessions are to stimulate social interactions among us, build community, enhance our self awareness and awareness of others, stimulate creativity to help us manage our daily challenges, alleviate burdening feelings and stress, enhance our sense of autonomy, stimulate our thinking, keep us active, and exercise our memory.  All in all, it is a stimulating and feel-good experience that adds to our well-being.

Uri has something different for us to do each time, sometimes it is filling a page with colours, or copying a vase with flowers, or depicting an early recollection from our lives.  Uri proposes that we are not aiming for masterpieces, and that there is no such thing as a bad picture.  Every stroke or colour we use, expresses how we feel, our thoughts and moods, hence the term expressive art.  Sometimes emotions take over and Uri sensitively counsels, and we all listen respectfully and keep working.  We know that everything that happens during a session is confidential.  We all listen and learn from each other. I myself, have benefited.  Now, when I disagree with someone, I do not stay quiet and brood, instead I say what I think in a way that can be heard, and I feel much better for it.

When we process our own work, we are encouraged to keep our minds and hearts open and to let go of preconceived ideas which may limit our horizons and lead to unnecessary disappointments.  Engaging in expressive art is a rewarding experience.  For example, in our last session, we were to fill a page with random lines and circles and than pass it on to the person beside us, who was to find hidden shape or form and colour in it, until everyone had added something to every page.  Finally, when we had our original page back in our hands, we were pleasantly surprised to discover what others had seen.  It was exciting and fun!  As always, we were sorry to leave, but looked forward to our next session.
Freda Koffman, Resident of LBHH
“Mi’Dor L’Dor” (from Generation to Generation)
Joint Publication – the Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation,
the Louis Brier Home & Hospital, and the Weinberg Residence


…On behalf of Vancouver Coastal Health (Coastal), thank you for the many hours you so willingly give and the contributions you make to healthcare and wellness in our community.

As a volunteer, you provide valued and much appreciated assistance to staff, visitors, clients, patients or residents.  Your ability to provide support and a friendly smile to all contributes to the success of our programs. Our services are augmented in such a positive way as a result of your presence….
Sarie Peters – Manager, Volunteer Resources Vancouver Coastal Health


We wish to thank Counsellor & Art Therapist Uri Sanhedrai (MA) for giving of his time… Uri truly is professional and we appreciated him for sharing his time, energy and expertise he provided… We hope he will be able to hold another group some time in the future with our members! Thanks again Uri!

Becky Lynn Brechin, RN, BScN
West Vancouver Adult Day Centre